Monday, February 14, 2011

Beautiful Security Chapter 12, Here Come the Infosecurity Lawyers!

Compliance Issues

I submit that part of the lack of desire to be totally compliant is the attitude about compliance throughout an organization. In a government contracts based organization lack of compliance can be at minimum a fine, and potentially loss of job.

An example of compliance/non-compliance: There are people who continue to drink and drive after one or more DUIs, and students who refuse to study; cheating on an exam.  Apparently, the consequences have no weight in their decisions.  I agree with other comments made on by my peers’ discussion for EM 835, that a better understanding of the consequences to the person, the organization, and others effected. All begins with personal responsibility.  My examples of DUI suggest a need for better understanding of consequences of actions and in-action.

Perhaps, my favorite comment made in one of Steven Covey books about habits and leadership principles: 'we would not need any laws, if everyone obeyed the laws!'

Laws are for protecting.  Punishment sometimes is too little, too late!  From my psychology classes a punishment tends to minimize a behavior.  Punishment alone does not necessarily eliminate the bad habit.  Perhaps cognitively accepting responsibility for an action and the determination ‘to never perform’ that bad habit again has a stronger chance at elimination.

Unless security is an integral part a system, at least minimizing security intrusions and lack of compliance, breeches may be nearly impossible!  Culture has some influence.  Rewarding and glorifying bad behavior can influence some in the wrong ways.

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